Our Machine

The Tyger String Ultra 800 machine is the ultimate stringing machine that offers the highest quality and sheer professionalism. This machine features an ultra-sensitive line tensioner with a quick release system and offers an accuracy of 0.1 kg. In addition, it has a stringing tension of between 5 kg and 39.5 kg. Moreover, the machine has a quick release with 6 gears including countdown and pre-stretch function and two sophisticated 2-stage clamps that fasten immediately. These terminals are equipped with five teeth making the string less damaged than with a 3-tooth crimpers. The machine is also equipped with a fixed diablo for minimising the pressure on the string.

We also have 2 other machines which we have in storage incase of power problems, these are not used often but are regularly maintained.

Rackets are becoming more complex, lite and more prone to problems during the stringing process. We provide a stringing service with technical support and guidance in order to maintain a high level of expertise and avoid costly mistakes.

Choosing an un-qualified stringer means paying out for a mistake that you could easily have avoided.

Qualification List

  • UKRSA Professional Stringer (25th May 2014)
  • LTA Level 3 Tennis Coach (Feb 2012)
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