Wilson Clash 100UL V1 (Grip 1)

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Clash 100UL packs the groundbreaking flexibility and bending characteristics of the Wilson Clash franchise into the lightest frame of the line. At 9.4 oz (265 g) unstrung, this racket provides excellent maneuverability for easy, free-swinging accuracy. Proprietary carbon mapping throughout the hoop delivers superior ball pocketing for masterful control, while a unique frame geometry helps maintain stability in this ultra-flexible racket. Fans of lightweight rackets that can’t get enough of the unique Clash frame geometry and feel should look no further.

Head (sq cm) 645
Head (sq in) 100
Length (cm) 68.58
Length (in) 27
String Pattern 16X19
Strung balance (cm) 34.1
Strung balance (pts) -1
Strung weight (grams) 280
Strung weight (ounces) 9.88
Taper System (mm) 24.5
Unstrung balance (cm) 33.1
Unstrung balance (pts) -4
Unstrung weight (grams) 265
Unstrung weight (ounces) 9.35
Model Number WR11010

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