• Diadem Flash 1.30 Quick View
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      Diadem Flash 1.30 Quick View
    • Diadem Flash 1.30
    • £9.50 £8.50
    • Diadem Flash has a round profile shape that offers long lasting play-ability and serious durability. Flash is the choice of frequent string breakers looking for a round co-coly that is extremely comfortable. Ideal for hybrid setups as well, pair Flash with Evolution or Impulse for ultimate comfort! If you require a tension that is not listed below, please add your…
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  • YTEX Square X 1.25 Quick View
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      YTEX Square X 1.25 Quick View
    • YTEX Square X 1.25
    • £11.00 £9.50
    • This is a square profile monofilament co-polymer + carbon + polyolefin string with a Thermo Foil Cooling Process finish. Two Flat surfaces, mains/crosses, in contact with each other give extra durability, no notching and the string returns very quickly from any movement after hitting the ball. Advantages: Power combined with great control and feel. Comparison: Comparable to RPM Blast &…
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