Club Stringing / Sponsorship

Want to offer your players discounted stringing or looking for some advertising of your club or for your club?

We can offer a bespoke package for your club to suit your needs.

Any club who joins our ‘Club Network’ will receive at least 10% all of our stringing prices.

Are you interested in signing your club up? Use the button below to fill in a quick form to get the ball (or shuttle) rolling! 

No matter where you are in the country we can offer postal restrings with free returns as one of the perks, along with a special discount for your club players.


Meet Our Current Club Network Members

Tennis Club List

  • Durham Moor Tennis Club
  • Lanchester Lawn Tennis Club
  • Bishop Auckland Tennis Club
  • Chilton & Sedgefield Tennis Club
  • New Silksworth Tennis Club

Squash Club List

  • Consett Squash Club

Badminton Club List

  • Consett Badminton Club